Chikankari looks from AM to PM: Style Your Morning Office Wear Chikankari Kurtas to Your Evening Casual Looks

Chikankari, a traditional hand-weaving method beginning in Lucknow, India, unpredictably decorates textures like cotton, silk, georgette, and chiffon with elegant and sensitive examples. The general Chikankari kurtas offer both solace and tastefulness and seem to be a reasonable choice for many events, whether they are formal or casual. This blog shows you how to switch up your Chikankari kurtas from a morning professional look to a night casual outfit in a snap, with some simple accessories and layers.

To finish your night relaxed look, consider matching your chikankari kurta with faded pants or beige pants. Adding a dupatta will upgrade your outfit and give you a splendid touch. Remember to embellish with basic jewels like studs, a neckband, or a wristband to add a slight shimmer to your getup.

Office Wear: Short Kurta for Women with Pants and Dupatta

Stylish and Professional Office Attire for Women

A short kurta is a great choice for ladies' office wear, as it consolidates style while being pleasant and simple to keep up with. With regards to matching a chikankari kurta with pants, you have the adaptability to pick coordinating or deciding varieties in light of your inclination and the kurta's shade. For example, you can pick a pink chikankari kurta with dark jeans, or a blue chikankari kurta with beige jeans. To consummate the getup, consolidate a dupatta that supplements both your kurta and jeans and offers extra warmth and inclusion. Straightforward jewels like studs, a neckband, or a wristband can be worn to add a hint of polish to your general look.

Evening Wear: Women's Short Kurtis with Skirts and Jackets

Transforming Your Office Attire for the Evening

To change from office wear to night wear, consider trading your pants and dupatta for a skirt and a coat. A skirt can grant an energetic appearance, while a coat adds refinement and warmth to your getup. Pick a skirt that matches your kurta, and is suitable for the event and your state of mind. For instance, match a white chikankari kurta with a dull skirt, or a pink chikankari kurta with a white skirt. Likewise, select a coat that lines up with your style and the climate, for example, a denim coat, a cowhide coat, or an overcoat.

Chikankari kurtas

Accessorizing Your Evening Look

To elevate your evening look, consider incorporating statement jewelry, such as a choker, a ring, or a cuff, to add drama and glamour to your outfit.

Chikankari kurtas are versatile and agreeable clothing reasonable for a number of occasions, from formal to relaxed. For certain basic extra trades and layering, you can easily progress your morning office clothing into a night easygoing getup in the blink of an eye. Whether you lean toward a short or long kurta, chikankari kurtas generally radiate a quality of respect and class. Don't wait any longer – explore the collection of women's chikankari kurtas at Ekdor online and upgrade your wardrobe today.